SeoProfy is a a leading Canadian digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, employing a sophisticated data-driven approach to optimize online visibility.


– Hello! I’m Victor, the founder and CEO of SeoProfy.

In 2009, my journey began with a simple blog. By 2011, it had emerged as a prominent SEO resource in Eastern Europe, generating substantial traffic that sustained my livelihood solely from the blog’s revenue.

Motivated by this success, I launched my first venture. Subsequently, I established it as a distinguished Ukrainian agency, leading to the inception of SeoProfy Canada in 2012.

Our dedicated team diligently produced approximately 200 SEO-focused blog posts annually. By 2014, our persistent efforts bore their fruit: SeoProfy’s blog was acclaimed as the top SEO blog in Eastern Europe.

(You can conclude our expertise in SEO is pretty obvious.)

Presently, our agency boasts a robust team of over 200 SEO experts, catering to a diverse clientele spanning 45 countries, proficient in 12 languages, all across multiple time zones.

We can easily set ourselves apart from all the competition. Here's why:

  • No empty promises here!

    We initiate every partnership with a comprehensive SEO audit of your enterprise. This audit informs our decision-making process, ensuring we only commit if we’re confident of achieving your desired outcomes.

  • We offer you tailored SEO solutions

    As soon as we get started, we assemble a team of meticulously selected SEO professionals. This team, curated from the ground up, is exclusively yours, dedicating their full-time efforts to your SEO needs.

  • Innovating with our proprietary SEO tools

    While tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog are commendable, they have limitations. That’s why we have developed our unique SEO tools, designed to bridge these gaps and enhance our capabilities.

  • Accountability is our ethos

    Be it an oversight on our part or an unexpected shift in the Google algorithm, we take full responsibility. Our focus is on devising solutions.

  • Attention to the minutiae

    We delve beyond the usual keywords, backlinks, and site speed, scrutinizing even the most minor details that others might overlook – the ones that can significantly influence your traffic.

  • Your ROI is our paramount metric

    Attracting a high volume of traffic is futile if it doesn’t convert into tangible leads and sales. Hence, we invest time in crafting and presenting a bespoke strategy, prioritizing high-quality traffic and your enduring success.

Our management team

Our management team is vigilant, ensuring meticulous oversight of every project. Each client benefits from a devoted SEO team, supported by a management team that guarantees timely and effective project execution.

Oleksandra Head of Sales
Head of Sales
Vita HR Director
HR Director
Business Developer
Head of SEO
Yuliia Head of Link Building
Head of Link Building
Strategy & Operation Analyst
Head of Software Development

We even have several awards in the field of SEO

Our accolades speak for themselves

Victor, our CEO, brought with him a wealth of six years in SEO and a thriving blog when he founded SeoProfy. Despite the challenges, our journey to prominence was marked by dedication and hard work.

Birth of SeoProfy

Our humble beginnings in Ukraine, with a modest team of five in a basic office space.

Expansion to 30 full-time employees

A pivotal year, marked by over 100 successful SEO audits and recovery from Google Penguin algorithm penalties.

Recognition as a top SEO entity in Ukraine

Our efforts culminated in being ranked among the top 3 SEO companies in Ukraine.

Global outreach and knowledge sharing

Our client base became predominantly international, prompting us to share our SEO expertise globally.

Inauguration of our US office

A strategic move to better serve our US clientele.

Resilience amidst adversity

Despite the challenges, our team, primarily based in Ukraine, continues to deliver unwavering support and dedication.

Our commitment extends beyond business, with a portion of our proceeds supporting those affected by the ongoing conflict.

Considering partnering with us?

Probably not Yes!

If your investment in SEO is currently limited, or if you’re aiming for an economical traffic-generating strategy, we might not be the ideal fit.

Your enterprise has already achieved $1M-$10M in revenue (OR it’s a rapidly scaling, substantially funded startup).

You believe a robust SEO strategy for generating traffic should have a budget ceiling of $2k or less.

You understand that a successful SEO strategy requires investment (and you’re prepared to commit).

You prefer to dedicate a larger budget to advertising rather than investing long-term in boosting traffic (and sales) through Google.

Your business’s financial health is significantly tied to organic traffic from Google—a fact you’re thoroughly aware of and value highly.

You’re comfortable collaborating with an agency of lesser repute—risking the potential of not achieving your desired outcomes.

You’re eager to collaborate with a dedicated team that is genuinely invested in your success and possesses the precise expertise to achieve your goals.

What Sets Our SEO Company in Canada Apart?

We exclusively accept projects where we are highly confident in achieving significant improvements.

    Take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation consultation at an SeoProfy company to evaluate the potential for enhancing your rankings!