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What Sets Our SEO Company Apart: Real Results and Client Stories

On average, we’ve helped our clients get a 780% return on investment.

Oh, and one time we helped a client jump from 0 clicks per day to 6,600 clicks per day.

Don’t believe it? Take a look:

Organic traffic
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We Lay a Strong SEO Foundation for Higher Rankings for the Long Haul

Need more visitors for your website? Whether it’s old or new, local or international, we’ll boost your traffic with SEO strategies that have brought success to our previous clients. Our long-term strategy fits your business goals. Don’t settle for less; choose the best SEO company in Canada:

E-commerce SEO

We specialize in optimizing your product listings to secure top positions on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our SEO experts are well-versed in platforms such as Shopify, Magento, NopCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, PrestaShop, and Drupal, ensuring that your online store performs at its best.

Local SEO

Don’t let your competitors siphon off your local customers. At SeoProfy, our seasoned SEO wizards will identify the most effective keywords and strategies tailored to your specific town, city, or province—ensuring that your business dominates the local search results.

Link Building

Our expert team will craft a highly effective link building strategy that attracts valuable links from top-notch websites. Your website will become so compelling that other sites will willingly link to it, further boosting your authority and online presence.

Competitor Analysis

Outshine your competitors in the SEO arena by uncovering their strategies and tactics. We provide you with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations, empowering you to become the reigning champion in search engine rankings.

SEO Audit

Stay ahead of potential pitfalls and ranking setbacks by identifying common SEO issues. Whether it’s slow-loading pages, broken links, or missing keywords, our SEO analysis will help you rectify these problems and enhance your site’s performance.

Google Penalty Recovery

Google penalties and manual actions can derail your SEO progress. Count on our SEO agency to swiftly identify and resolve hidden issues, allowing your website to recover and regain its position in search rankings.

Our Experience Spans Various Niches and Web Platforms

Our SEO company has worked with businesses in all niches, from healthcare to finance, including Fortune 500 and Inc. 5,000 companies.

We work with companies from

Unlock the full potential of your SaaS business with our expert SEO services. We specialize in driving more signups, trials, and long-term customers to your platform. Our approach includes crafting informative content and optimizing landing pages for maximum performance.


In the highly competitive legal landscape, we help you rise above your rivals. Regardless of your legal specialty, we have the knowledge and experience to generate sustained organic traffic for your website, ensuring that potential clients find you when they need legal services.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, visibility is key. Our SEO strategies are designed to attract visitors through informative blog pages and direct them to your property listings. This results in more targeted views while reducing your reliance on costly advertising.


Boost your online presence and attract a steady stream of website visitors with our tailored SEO strategies for insurance businesses. We understand the unique challenges of this industry and can help you stand out from the competition.


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, it’s essential to offer proven added value. Our SEO expertise can elevate your crypto project above the noise, driving more organic traffic toward your pages and ensuring your project gains the attention it deserves among the thousands of others in this market.

Private Equity

Confidence in your online presence is crucial when you’re in the world of private equity. Our team possesses the expertise needed to earn Google’s favor and boost your online visibility. This, in turn, will help you attract increased investments, form valuable partnerships, and secure better deals.

What Sets Our SEO Company in Canada Apart?

We exclusively accept projects where we are highly confident in achieving significant improvements.

Take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation consultation at an SeoProfy company to evaluate the potential for enhancing your rankings!

Our Results: Rooted in a Data-Driven Approach, Not Fabrication

For optimal “Canada SEO,” there are no quick solutions. That said, our four-step process comes pretty close. Here’s how our Canada SEO solutions can help you boost your traffic and revenue:

Better understand your market

SeoProfy, a digital marketing agency, doesn’t just throw random keywords at you. We use advanced tools and methods to analyze your niche and competitors to find the best opportunities to rank highly and drive conversions.

Build your dream team

You’ll get access to a team of SEO specialists, each with a proven track record in their field. They’ll work together to deliver the best results for your business.

Design a winning strategy

We’ll create a tailor-made SEO plan for you based on your goals, budget, and timeline. We’ll show you exactly what we’re going to do and why it works.

Track and optimize

We’re not done until you’re satisfied. An SeoProfy company will monitor your progress and performance every week. And we’ll adjust your SEO plan as needed to keep you ahead of the game.

Finally, an SEO agency obsessed with growing your ROI

Success Comes from Effectively Using Data and Adhering to Established Processes

We know that your ROI is the most important metric at the end of the day.

(After all, what’s the point of all that traffic if it doesn’t result in sales?!?)

Want to see if we can get those ROI-driven results for *your* business? That free consultation has your name written all over it.

Case study

ROI increase
for SaaS niche project

We Supplement Ahrefs and Screaming Frog with Our In-House Tools

How do we make sure you get the best ROI from our SEO agency in Canada? We use (and even build) our own tools to optimize every aspect of your online presence. Here are some of the in-house tools our professional SEO company utilizes to deliver amazing results for our clients.


Tracks and reports on backlinks that are hurting your SEO performance.


Automatically detects website and domain changes (so we can grab a domain as soon as it becomes available)

internal tool

Organizes all tasks and company workflow

Command Control
internal tool

Offers advanced SEO analytics, research, and workflow management

internal tool

Identifies low-hanging keywords that can bring more traffic quickly from the Google Search Console.

Introducing Your SEO Agency in Canada: Your Extended Marketing Team

Welcome to SeoProfy, your premier destination for top-notch SEO services in Canada. We understand that your success is paramount, and when you choose us as your SEO partner, you become our VIP, with your objectives at the forefront of our efforts.

Our SEO company takes pride in its commitment to delivering tailored solutions and teams of SEO experts for each client. We stand out from agencies that spread themselves thin among multiple clients, risking a loss of focus on your specific goals. With us, you get a designated SEO expert, perfectly matched to your project’s unique requirements and objectives.

At SeoProfy, an SEO agency in Canada, we promise uninterrupted, top-tier service throughout the entire duration of our partnership. There are no distractions, no divided attention—just you, your handpicked team of experts, and our unwavering commitment to your project’s success.

Now, you might be wondering: who ensures seamless operations and delivers the desired results at our digital marketing company? Allow us to introduce you to the SeoProfy’s management team:

Oleksandra Head of Sales
Head of Sales
Vita HR Director
HR Director
Business Developer
Head of SEO
Yuliia Head of Link Building
Head of Link Building
Strategy & Operation Analyst
Head of Software Development

Tired of Wasting Money on SEO Agencies That Don’t Get Results?

Most of our clients were too… until they started working with us.

Because at our SEO company, we only make promises that we can keep. Book a free consultation to find out if our SEO agency can get you the results you’re after.

Discover Your Ultimate Partner for Marketing Success

LRT Conference

When it comes to SEO in Canada, you need a team that knows the ins and outs of specific markets. That’s why we have over 200 SEO experts with more than 1,000 years of total combined experience in various industries and regions. Whether you operate in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, or Latin America, we can help you reach your target audience and grow your business.

Our SEO company in Canada has a proven track record of delivering results for clients in highly competitive niches such as auto insurance, fintech, dating, gaming, education, pharmacy, real estate, IT, and more. Don’t take our word for it—check out our case studies and see for yourself.


But what sets us apart from other Canadian SEO services?

It’s simple: Our SEO agency in Canada only works with clients that we are confident we can help. We don’t make unrealistic promises or take on projects that we can’t handle. We’re in this for the long term, and we value building lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why our average client retention rate is 1.5-2 years, and some of them have been with us for even more than a decade.

If we decide to work together, the SeoProfy company will create an SEO strategy that is tailored to your goals and needs. And we’ll be honest and transparent with you every step of the way. If we encounter any challenges or delays, we’ll let you know and adjust accordingly. So, if you’re looking for a Toronto SEO company, get started with a simple call!

Tired of Wasting Money and Time on Unreliable Agencies? You’re Not Alone

But believe us when we say that our search engine optimization agency isn’t like other agencies. Really.

Take a look at how we’re different:
Other SEO agencies img
Yep, it’s us!

Create exaggerated claims they are unable to fulfill.

Engage in projects only when we are certain of our ability to meet expectations.

Provide generic solutions, resulting in mediocre outcomes.

Will take the time to understand your unique business, objectives, and needs–and then craft a tailor-made, revenue-boosting strategy

Team members juggle a million different projects at once (allowing more room for missed deadlines… and mistakes)

Each team is devoted to one client and one client only–giving your project 110%

Might not tell you whether the current strategy isn’t working… or a task falls through the cracks

Will be fully transparent about meeting goals and deadlines (and will be the first to tell you if things don’t go according to plan)

Give priority to quick results and quantity over quality

Give priority to long-term SEO success and know that quality traffic beats quantity… any day

Measure success by keyword rankings and organic traffic alone

Know that your ROI is the most important metric at the end of the day

Feel like a typical vendor-client relationship

Feel like an extension of your marketing team (totally invested in your success)

Just take orders (leaving you and your team to handle a lot of the strategy)

Craft a results-driven strategy that *works* (see our case studies for proof)

Accept your payment and subsequently subcontract the project to unknown freelancers on platforms like Upwork. (hellooo scammers!)

Conduct an exhaustive screening procedure, diligently selecting a team of highly specialized experts uniquely matched to your project’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Canada SEO company has the expertise to handle various niches, such as fintech, e-commerce, manufacturing, advertising & marketing, and SaaS.

We offer high-quality services in search engine optimization, keyword research, and content marketing, regardless of your target market.

We’ll assign specialists for each project, consisting of professionals who have relevant experience and knowledge of the niche and its techniques.

The service tier you choose will affect the costs of your project at each SEO firm.

Different tiers offer different levels of quality, service, and support. For example, we advise our customers to invest at least $1500 per month for the best results.

It will allow you to benefit from our expertise, resources, and customer service.

SeoProfy takes pride in tracking every aspect of each campaign. For our weekly meetings, we create custom reports that combine insights from SEO tools with our commentary.

Aside from tracking keyword rankings and organic traffic, we measure the impact of our activities on your ROI to truly determine your digital marketing performance.

Our SEO agency can help you achieve better results for your website. We conduct SEO audits to identify and fix technical SEO errors that slow down your site or cause broken pages.

We also provide content marketing and local SEO services to create more relevant and engaging content for your pages. These enhancements can raise your rankings and increase the likelihood that search engines will take notice of you.

Our goal is to help you reach the top of the search results with our SEO service.

As a seasoned search engine optimization company, we don’t make any guarantees about exact SEO outcomes.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t deliver results. SEOProfy’s clients typically see SEO improvements in 4-6 months.

But be aware: If the niche is very competitive, it may take up to 1-2 years.

Yes, we can provide references and case studies of our past clients upon request. Our portfolio includes successful SEO campaigns across various industries, showcasing the positive impact of our services.

We believe in transparency and are proud to share our track record of helping businesses improve their online presence and achieve their digital marketing goals.

Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to share relevant case studies and references to demonstrate our expertise and the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

Stop Wasting Your Money: Break Free from Overhyped SEO Agencies

Book a free consultation to find out how our SEO firm can help you (finally) get the SEO results you’re after.